Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Matthew R. Ramsey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Harvard Medical School

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.D., Genetics and Molecular Biology, 2007

Boston College
B.S., Biology, 2000

Curriculum Vitae

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Kristyn A. Carter, M.Sc., Ph.D.

University of Glasgow, UK
Ph.D., Immunology, 2022

Mount Holyoke College
B.A., Biochemistry and Mathematics, 2017


Research Technician


Previous Trainees

Post-Doctoral Associates

Bethany Patenall, Ph.D.                                                                2022-2023

Clinical Science Manager, Qiagen, Manchester, UK

Yvon Woappi, Ph.D.                                                                       2016-2022

Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Rafik Boudra, Ph.D.                                                                       2016-2022     

Scientist II, Sensorion, Montpellier, France

Sarah Best, Ph.D.                                                                          2015-2016

Laboratory Head, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research

Research Technicians

Maria G. Padilla, B.S.                                                                     2022-2023

Ashley Njiru, B.S.                                                                           2017-2020

Associate Scientist, Strand Therapeutics

Catherine Douds, B.S.                                                                  2016-2017

PhD student in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology, Penn State

Amy Nwaobasi, M.S.                                                                     2015-2016

PGY-3 Resident in Family and Community Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University

Rebecca Cardoso, B.S.                                                                 2013-2014

PhD student, Karolinska Institutet