Lab Photos

Matt Ramsey, CSHL Mechanisms and Models of Cancer, 2022

Ramsey Lab (Maria Padilla, Mercy Iribarren) Summer 2022

Rafik Boudra, BRI Cancer Seminar Series, 2019

Yvon Woappi, Discover Brigham, 2019

Sterline Romain YES for CURE poster session, 2019

Ramsey, Schatton, Barthel Labs Candlepin Bowling 2017

Ramsey Lab (Yvon Woappi, Matt Ramsey, Ashley Njiru, Rafik Boudra) 2017

Ashley Njiru presenting her summer work at the DF/HCC CURE symposium

Ramsey Lab (Amy Nwaobasi, Matt Ramsey, Sarah Best) 2015